Luxe Blue Kombi Adult/Teen Hooded Towel

Luxe Blue Kombi Adult/Teen Hooded Towel | Back Beach Co


Small - Medium (Adult size 10 - 12)
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Back Beach Co Luxe Blue Kombi Adult/Teen Hooded Towel with full front zip.

Available in Jan - Sizes:

  • Age 12-24 months
  • Age 3 - 5 years
  • Age 5 - 7 years 
  • Age 7-11 years
  • Small - Medium (adult 10 - 12)

Dry off in style with comfort and ease in a Back Beach towel robe. Your hooded towel will keep you warm all year round and with their UPF 50+ rating, protected from the sun after swimming lessons, around the pool, or at the beach, surfing, sailing or boating. Made form 100% cotton terry rich towelling with a hood and full length front zip. Back Beach Co robes are perfect for the whole family. UPF 50+

Excellent for use during rehabilitation, hydro therapy or Aqua classes.

Towel robe, changing robe, Terry rich Towel, Hooded towel, cover up.

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