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Water / Sand Shoes Dinosaur

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Lightweight and comfortable shoes that protect your children in and out of the water. 

How they work

Lightweight and easy to slip on take off, these kids aqua fit like a sock protecting little feet from nasty bacteria, sharp rocks, hot sand as well as preventing falls.


They are great for:

  • Spending time in and around water areas including swimming pools, beach, lakes and campaign grounds
  • Walking from the car
  • On hot sand at the beach


Why we love this product: 

  • Wearing a pair will keep feet safe from injury
  • Their rubber gripped soles prevent slipping
  • They are made of quick-dry, stretch fabric.


Fabric and care instructions

  • Two cute fabric designs are available
  • Made of durable stretch fabric
  • Simply rinse in warm water after use



Available in kids sizes 4, 6 and 8

Size chart:


100% Cotton Terry Towelling.

Absorbing terry towelling on the inside and soft velour on the outside.

Soft, thick and warm like a good quality bath towel.

Care information

Warm machine wash
Wash your hooded towels separately
Do not bleach
Hang up the towels to dry outdoors but not in direct sunlight for a long period.
Make sure towels are completely dry before folding.