Keeping Active

Why Back Beach Co  Zip Up Towelling Robe?

Simple – it makes your life easier – time saver – keeps you protected and covered!

Families are busier now more than ever with so many after school activities and needing to be in different places at once. The Back Beach Towelling Robe enables you to arrive in your towel and bathers – Do your laps, have your swim, aqua aerobics, rehab, nippers session, surf, ocean swim or for something to just wrap up in after a leisure swim or shower at home.

Being a mum of 3 children and not loving the fuss of the change rooms after a swimming lesson as well as the drama of loosing towels while out on a boat. All we wanted was to simply wear our towel - Zip Up and Go.

We wanted to be warm, dry and protected from the harsh sun. Bring back the fun of getting out of the water!

Our towelling robes were made and over the last 9 years there have been many colours, designs and sea creatures worn by children through to adults.

Back Beach Co has now grown into a company that provides great service and the highest quality products. Supplying to over 130 stores and aquatic centres Australia Wide and still expanding.

We have expanded our brand and produced amazing new products:

Our fleece hoodie range was inspired by the active wear explosion.  I love the active wear look but I feel the cold. I wanted to have something I could dress up and dress down. Wearing a hoodie that you can feel the quality and the cut and design does not drown me but gives a slim look and is more fitted rather than an oversized baggy hoodie. Our range is not just a hoodie – they make you feel active alive and ready to get moving and get out there...blocking out the elements but not overheating you on the inside.

Functional with a front pouch pocket and an arm pocket with media access for ear phones. Thumb holes for that extra comfort if required. Finding the right fit for all was not easy and never is. This is why we have only 3 designs in the set colour to let the market have a taste for the feel great hoodie.


We wanted to expand our range to give you the full circle Aqua Life.

So we have now introduced our Aqua Shoes!

Being able to simply slip on our aqua shoes and head to the beach or swimming pools or to just go for a wonder, our new aqua shoes are what your feet need.

The idea of that walk along the beach to refresh my sole excites me right up to time when I am walking along the water’s edge and feel the sea weed between the toes – not the feeling I wanted. Putting my aqua shoes on that are light and super comfortable with no drag when I am walking through the water gives me the confidence to walk on rocks and all the seaweed or feeling the protection against the hot summer beach sand.

I need to feel like I can protect my feet, no cuts or no fear of contracting anything from the floors while training at public swimming pools and walking around the water parks!

We hope you enjoy your product and thank you for your support!