Washing Instructions and Care

Washing your Back Beach Co Towelling Robes, Towels and Hats

After a refreshing swim or a relaxing bath, it feels cosy to be wrapped up in and dried off with a soft towel. But as we know, the more we use towels the older and rougher they get, so it seems very hard to get them back to their original state. However, if we take the correct care and wash them properly from the beginning, it is possible to prolong their softness and fluffiness to enjoy them for much longer.
Warm machine wash
Wash your towels separately
Do not bleach
Hang up the towels to dry outdoors but not in direct sunlight for a long period.
Make sure towels are completely dry before folding.

If you have a tumble dryer, even better! It is perfect for removing all the moisture from your towels and leaving them soft and fluffy.

Washing your Back Beach Co Tech Fleece Hoodies

Machine wash - cold (30°C)
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Iron on low setting-inside out
Do not dry clean