Collection: Accessories

At the pool, the beach or at home, we’ve created a range of accessories to make your leisure time that much more enjoyable. We’ve also included the perfect water fitness accessory with our Aqua Gloves, a great way to add extra resistance to you water workout.
Keeping life simple. Just slip on and go. Our microfibre Hooded Towels can be worn over bathers, or pack it in your bag and pop it on after your swim and head home – now you can bypass the change rooms. Easy to change and remove bathers or wetsuits under your poncho in public, at the beach, camping, surfing, swimming, aqua aerobics - the perfect towel for any aquatic activity. These quick drying hooded ponchos can be worn: To the pool or beach For hydrotherapy or aqua fitness classes Camping, especially to and from the showers Sailing or boating!

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