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Aqua Shoes Teen/Adult Sunset(Orange)

Aqua Shoes Teen/Adult Sunset(Orange)

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Lightweight and comfortable shoes are a must have for swim instructors, lifeguards, aqua class members and beach goers. Keep feet safe and cool, shoes that protect you in and out of the water.


How they work

Lightweight with an innovative sucker function on the soles, these aqua shoes are ideal for water lovers, insuring you won’t slip.


These must-have accessories can be used for:

  • Spending time in and around the beach, lakes, camping sites and swimming pools
  • Wading in the water at the beach or fishing
  • Walking on docks and boats


Why we love this product:

  • Wearing a pair will keep your feet safe from bacteria or cuts and abrasions, and prevent you from slipping
  • They offer heel support and cushioning
  • Water drainage is through the mesh fabric and insoles so they are quick-dry excellent for drainage and ventilation
  • They are easy to put on and remove


Fabric and care instructions

  • Colours black, blue and orange
  • Made of durable stretch fabric which fits snug on your foot like a sock
  • Simply rinse in warm water after use



Available from size 8 to 12

Size chart:


Sammis, rip curl, billabong, speedo, poncho, city beach, hooded towel, towel robe, terry rich, catfish, deck coat, bath robe, choodie, swoodie

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